If your organization or affinity group wants a training, let us know! All of our trainings are designed to be empowering to the participant and are specially tailored for each group's needs and scenario. We've given these trainings to hundreds of groups all over the country.

Know Your Rights

This training covers all of the basic legal information for interactions with police. Topics range from questioning to searches to safety. The interactive format allows participants to explore their options in realistic settings. Time: 2 hours

Legal Observer/Media Witness

This training was designed to prepare Legal Observers for mass actions. Focus on collecting information that will be useful in criminal defense of activists or in civil prosecution of police and government. Time: 1.5 hours

Grand Jury

In this training we discuss how to protect yourself and your community if you are called before a federal Grand Jury. We explain the ins and outs of this little-known tool of the government, from first contact with federal agents to the Grand Jury hearing itself, with a strong focus on community resistance. Time: 1 hour

Navigating the Legal System

This training takes participants through the legal process from arrest to trial, focussing on avoiding pitfalls and being aware of options. We map out the intentionally confusing criminal justice system and explain the jargon. There is discussion of court support and of different strategies open. Time: 2 hours

Legal Solidarity

This training involves an in-depth explanation of strategies and practices of Legal Solidarity. Interactive role-plays let participants experience using non-cooperation tactics to bargain for fair treatment. We analyze decision-making in Solidarity and how to adjust tactics to be most effective in a given scenario. We focus on Court Solidarity as well as Jail Solidarity, stressing the different strengths and weaknesses of these strategies and how (and when) to transition from Jail to Court. Time: 4-5 hours

Computer Security

We designed this training to teach everyday computer users how to protect their data and communications. We focus on good security habits rather than software or technical tricks. A must-have for anyone that uses computers. Time: 2 hours

Training-for-Trainers: Know Your Rights

This training teaches people how to give our "Know Your Rights" training. We show how to use brainstorms, role plays, and facilitated discussion to teach people their rights and how the police trick you out of them. It also teaches some of the fundamentals of giving trainings, including presentation skills, facilitation techniques, and how to act like a cop. (Training agenda available here) Time: 2 hours

Training-for-Trainers: Legal Observer

This training prepares people to give our Legal Observer training. We discuss how to use various training methods, and then goes through the entire Legal Observer training agenda. Time: 95 minutes

Small Action Legal Support Training

This training prepares participants to provide legal support for a small action (1-30 arrests), and is ideal for groups that want to provide their own legal. We cover topics such as office setup, phone suppport, lawyer handling, and more. We aim to provide you with the tools and skills you need to help navigate your friends through the system safely and successfully. Time: 2 hours

Non-Violent Street Tactics

From basic blockades to deescalating violence to being a police liaison, this training teaches the fundamentals of doing direct action. Small group and whole group roleplays let people practice these skills together during the training. Great for learning direct action techniques while learning to work together. Accompanied by short facilitated conversations about non-violence, creative direct action ideas and staying safe(r). Time: 2 hours