Other Materials

Computer Security Handout

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
This is the handout designed to accompany our Computer Security Training. It covers secure passwords, data creation and destruction, and email. It focuses on good habits rather than technical skills. (5 pages)

Shooting the Wounded

Activist Version: [ rtf | pdf | html ]
Non-Activist Version: [ rtf | pdf ]
This is a guide detailing how to document your injuries for lawsuits, the media, and criminal defense. (2 pages)

Legal Support Person

[ rtf | pdf | html ]
This handout is geared for activists, not the legal team. It covers basic information about how to be the legal support person for your affinity group. (1 page)

Court Solidarity

[ rtf | pdf ]
This guide focuses on using Legal Solidarity in court. More in-depth discussion on court support, lawyers, and plea-bargains. (6 pages)

Grand Jury Materials

These handouts were created by the Grand Jury Resistance Project.