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Current Projects

Develop Trainer Training Curriculum

To achieve our goals of community empowerment and demystification of the law, we are developing a curriculum for trainers. Individuals will learn how to convey Know Your Rights information in an engaging and legally safe manner. We will focus on presentation and how to tailor trainings as well as how to gather and check legal information.

Small Action Legal Support Materials

If you and your friends are going to take the streets, you're going to want legal support. Law collectives ae few and far between; why not roll your own? We're putting together a set of materials that will help you do just that. Some of the topics we will focus on are pre-action preparation, jail support, and long-term follow-up.

Know Your Rights Training Video

There is a pressing need to inform citizens of their rights and how to assert them safely. A video of our KYR trainings would be a great resource for people without access to other trainings and to individuals or groups who wish to learn to present workshops themselves. We are in the process of creating such a video, and hope it will be an entertaining and informative resource.

Legal Support Database

When a thousand activists get thrown in the clink, and they've all got your phone number scrawled on their arms, how do you keep track of everyone? There's contact info, court dates, evidence, witnesses, lawyer assignments , and more - for every individual. What do you do with all that information? You put it in the legal support database, of course! Over the past few years, we have been developing, in collaberation with other legal activists, a cohesive database that will keep track of all this and more! Our current implementation has proved invaluable to the post-RNC legal support effort, yet there remains some work to be done before we can release it.

Ongoing Projects

Foster Formation of Law Collectives and Legal Teams

The sustainability of the movement is a key goal of ours. We strive to support any activists who seek to form their own legal teams or law collectives so that the movement as a whole will be less vulnerable to attacks by law enforcement and the government. We acheive this by creating materials to help activists organize legal support, and by being available to share our experience and skills. In addition, we have revised our methodology for providing legal support for mass actions. Instead of keeping our experience and skill within a small cadre of initiates, our new approach is to help set up a local legal team in advance of the action, and then work in coalition with them.

Supporting Small Local Actions

In addition to providing legal support at mass actions, we support local struggles by doing legal observing and legal support at small local actions.

Create Radical Legal Support Network

Our goal is to create accessible, relevant, democratic and accountable legal support to protect those targeted by government oppression. By forming a national network of law collectives and other legal support structures, we can have legal support that is accountable to a local community but that also can draw on the resources and experience of the entire radical legal community.

Future Projects

Motions and Brief Bank

In collaboration with others in the radical legal community, we seek to create a bank of motions and briefs on pertenant topics to assist those going pro se, to inform and empower individuals, and to demystify the law.