Trainer's Materials

These are training agendas and other resources for trainers. If you have any questions about the materials, or would like help providing your own legal trainings, contact us.

Know Your Rights Trainer's Materials

Sample Know Your Rights Training Agenda and Guide

[ odt | doc |pdf ]
This is an agenda to a typical Midnight Special Know Your Rights training. It includes a short introduction, our role plays and raps, a sample confession, and role play cards. We use our Dealing with Police handout with this training.

Know Your Rights Trainer's Guide

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
This document contains all of our "dim sum" role plays. We call these dim sum because, much like the Chinese cuisine, you can mix and match from a large variety according to your individual needs.

Know Your Rights Trainer Training

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
This is our "Training for Trainers" - what we use to teach people to give our "Know Your Rights" training. It includes pointers on how to act like a cop, give our raps and more. Good as a complement to the Know Your Rights training agendas, or just a refresher.

Know Your Rights Trainer Training Handout

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
The handout we use for our KYR Trainer Training above. It includes examples of our role plays with expanded sample dialog, as well as tips on how to act like a cop.

Other Trainer's Materials

Legal Observer Trainer's Guide

[ odt | doc |pdf ]
This training was designed to prepare Legal Observers for mass actions. Focus on collecting information that will be useful in criminal defense of activists or in civil prosecution of police and government. Make sure to grab our Legal Observer Guide to hand out.

Legal Observer Trainer Training

[ rtf | pdf ]
In this training, we teach people how to give the Legal Observer Training mentioned above. It focuses on how some of our teaching methods work, and goes through the entire L.O. training agenda.

Small Action Legal Support Trainer's Guide

[ rtf | pdf ]
This training prepares participants to provide legal support for a small action (1-30 arrests). It is perfect for affinity groups who want to provide their own legal support. We have a Legal Support for Small Actions handout that goes with this training.

Computer Security Trainer's Guide

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
We designed this training to teach everyday computer users how to protect their data and communications. We focus on good security habits rather than software or technical tricks. A must-have for anyone that uses computers. Here is the handout for the training. Time: 2 hours

Non-Violent Street Tactics Trainer's Guide

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
This is the agenda to our Non-Violent Direct Action training.

Grand Jury Trainer's Guide

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
In this training we discuss how to protect yourself and your community if you are called before a federal Grand Jury. We explain the ins and outs of this little-known tool of the government, from first contact with federal agents to the Grand Jury hearing itself, with a strong focus on community resistance. Here are handouts to distribute at the training. Time: 1 hour

Legal Solidarity Trainer's Guide

[ odt | doc | pdf ]
This is the agenda to our Legal Solidarity training. It teaches how to use collective action in the streets and in the courts to protect everyone and get your demands met. Here is the handout for the training. (This training is several years old) Time: 4 hours