Training History

Here are some of the groups we've done trainings for


Homey, San Francisco
Berkeley High School, Berkeley


Anarchist Cafe, Sacramento
Berkeley Youth Alternatives, Berkeley (3 trainings)
Desiree Alliance, Las Vegas, NV
STARK, Berkeley
Students Against War, Santa Cruz, CA (3 trainings)
South Central Farm, Los Angeles (4 trainings)
LA law collective, Los Angeles
Sacramento prisoner support, Sacramento, CA
International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, San Francisco
YUCA, East Palo Alto, CA
New College, San Francisco (3 trainings)
X-force, Oakland
Anti-racist study group, Oakland
Harm Reduction Coalition, San Francisco
Harm Reduction Community Outreach Day, San Francisco
Americans for Safe Access, Oakland


Arcata forest defenders, Arcata, CA
World Can't wait, San Francisco, CA
World Can't Wait, UC Berkeley, CA
YUCA, East Palo Alto, CA
Americans for Safe Access, San Francisco, CA (2 trainings)
Americans for Safe Access, Los Angeles, CA (2 trainings)
Parkway Sunday Salon, Oakland, CA
Students Against War, UC Santa Cruz, CA (4 trainings)
Anti-Anti-Immigrant, San Diego, CA (2 trainings)
New College, San Francisco, CA (2 trainings)
Anarchist Action, Oakland, CA (2 trainings)
CTWO Mansion, Oakland, CA
Tent City, Santa Cruz, CA (2 trainings)
Santa Rosa Copwatch, Santa Rosa, CA (2 trainings)
UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA (4 trainings)
CSU Half Moon Bay, Monterrey, CA (2 trainings)
UC Davis, Davis, CA (2 trainings)
Boalt School of Law, Berkeley
UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA


AIDE, Berkeley
Reclaim the Commons, San Francisco
Civil Rights mini-tour, TX
Activists, Portland
Barrington Collective, Berkeley
New College Law School, San Francisco
San Jose Law School
Civil rights forum, Sacramento
Copwatch, Berkeley
Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco
Urban Habitat, Oakland
June Jordan High School, San Francisco
Union City High School, San Francisco
San Francisco State University
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Oakland
UC Hastings, San Francisco
Several Pre-RNC trainings, Bay Area
NLG, New York City
NYCLU, New York City
Billionaires for Bush, New York City
St. Mark's Church, New York City
Boalt School of Law, UC Berkeley


Barrington Collective, Berkeley, CA
Gay Shame, San Francisco
Shundahai Network, the desert, NV
Animal rights activists, Los Angeles
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH
Youth Action Network, Chicago
Flagstaff Action Network, AZ
Earth First!, the woods, OR
City College Anarchist Library, San Francisco
Activists, Lancaster, PA
National Lawyers Guild's Alternative Law Day, San Francisco
Direct Action to Stop the (Iraq) War, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland
Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco
City College Anarchist Library, San Francisco
Activists at San Francisco State University
Anti-War Training, San Francisco
South of Market Boys and Girls Club, San Francisco
Youth United/Communities in Action, East Palo Alto, CA
Free Trade Area of the Americas Protest, Miami, FL


Peace Action Network, Los Angeles
Activists, Austin, TX
Youth Action Network, San Antonio, TX
Activists, Portland
Earth First! Rendezvous, the woods, WA
UC Berkeley, CA
Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco
Evergreen College, Olympia, OR
Positive Images, Santa Rosa, CA
People United for a Better Oakland
Lewis and Clark College, Portland
Unitarian Universalist youth camp, San Gabriel Mountains, CA
Middle School training, Berkeley
Shundahai Network, the desert, NV
National Lawyers Guild's Alternative Law Day, San Francisco


Free Trade Area of the Americas protest, San Diego, CA; Burlington, VT; and Montreal, Canada
BioJustice protests, San Diego
Activists, Austin
Women and Girls' skill share, San Francisco
Santa Rosa High School - Santa Rosa, CA


World Bank/IMF protests, Washington, DC
Democratic National Convention protests, Los Angeles
Greenpeace, Lompoc, CA
Greenpeace, Long Beach, CA
Santa Rosa Food Not Bombs, CA
Merritt College, Oakland