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Legal Info for March 15th (Richmond)

Detention Centers in Contra Costa County

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Arrests in Richmond are going to be processed in Contra Costa County. We don't know how the Richmond police will process arrestees. Contra Costa County has two jails, and one juvenile hall. The Richmond police may book arrestees in Martinez, then move folks over to West County. They could also cite and release them from the Richmond Police Station, about a ten minute drive from the West County Detention Facility. The Richmond police could cite them out or keep them in either jail facility, (but women are only kept at West County Detention Facility, in Richmond).

Richmond Police Station

1701 Regatta Boulevard, Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 233-1214
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West County Detention Facility (W.C.D.F.)

5555 Giant Highway, Richmond, CA 94806
(510) 262-4200
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This is the only women's jail in the county but there are men there too.

Martinez Detention Facility

1000 Ward Street, Martinez, CA 94553
Inmate info: 925-335-4600
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Some pre-trial jailing for more serious crimes are located here, men only. It is attached to the courthouse.

Juvenile Hall

202 Glacier Drive, Martinez, CA 94553
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about 2 miles away from courthouse, off of 680

Contra Costa Court Facilities

Probably if people are held in Richmond Jail on misdemeanor charges, their first appearance will be in the Richmond Courthouse. If they are arrested on felony charges, they may be more likely to be brought to the Martinez jail, and have their first appearance at the Martinez courthouse.
Contra Costa County has multiple courthouses. The ones we may be seeing are:

Martinez Courthouse

725 Court Street, Martinez, CA 94553
This Courthouse doesn't have misdemeanor trials and is located next to the Martinez Jail.

Richmond/West County Courthouse

100 37th Street, Richmond, CA 94805
This court mainly deals with misdemeanor cases/trials, preliminary hearings, traffic court and is located about 2 miles away from the Richmond jail.

Other legal info

Other useful weblinks for Contra Costa law enforcement and jail info
  • Map of Richmond Police Department district showing demo area is in Southern District. Click on the the map and it gives you station contact info including police officer names and extensions!.
  • - Everything you wanted to know about custody in Martinez.
  • The Sheriff typically gives at least three unrestricted phone calls in their intake process. After booking arrestees are given access to phones that make collect calls only. 415 landlines are fine for that as long as someone picks up the phone and approves the call. Please call the Legal hotline (free or collect) for our support (415) 285-1011. This number will be available on the days of action to track arrests and deal with legal emergencies. If you are arrested, see arrests, or witness police misconduct, please call!