Hotline: 415-285-1011

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This number will be available on the days of action to track arrests and deal with legal emergencies. If you are arrested, see arrests, or incidences of police misconduct, let us know!

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Arrestee Support Form

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If you plan to risk arrest at all, complete this form and give it to someone you trust who will NOT be at the protests, like a friend, roommate, or affinity group support person. DO NOT BRING IT TO THE PROTESTS. If you don't have such a person, AND there's something that may complicate your time in custody or release (like gender identity, medical conditions, citizenship), email it to . You can still do direct action if you don't fill out the form; call 415-285-1011 when and if you get arrested and the legal working group will track you in jail and help get you out, if need be. The form is voluntary and you may leave any of the questions blank. The purpose of the form is to have information available that may help if you're arrested. Don't write anything that could be used as evidence against you.

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