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Direct Action to Stop the War Legal

Info for Arrestees

Next Steps

Congratulations on getting out of jail! Here's some things to keep in mind regarding your cases:
  • Hold on to all your jail paperwork - especially your citation!
  • Think before you talk (blog, email, etc.) about any protentially illegal activities that happened around your arrest - you could get you or other folks in trouble. The same goes for posting photos and video.
  • Try to make one of the arrestees meetings - see below for more info
  • We'll be setting up an announcement email list for updates - if you haven't given us your contact info, see below on how you can do that
  • We're going to be organizing attorneys through the National Lawyers Guild to represent you at your arraignments

Send us your info

If you were arrested during either action, and weren't able to get us contact information, please fill out an outtake form ([PDF | XLS | ODS]) and email them to dasw-legal (at) That way, we'll be able to keep you in the loop with updates, and organize an attorney to represent you at your arraignment.

Property Release

If you had property taken by SFPD follow the steps below to get your items returned. Although most protest arrests are for minor offenses that often get reduced or dropped, in general, there can be risks of incriminating yourself by claiming property. If the property you are claiming is connected to a serious criminal investigation think twice or consult a lawyer before identifying yourself as the owner.

The Police Department has a legal obligation to care for any property it collects or confiscates whether it was at a demonstration or anywhere else. If your property was lost, damaged, or destroyed by the police you may file a claim against the City and County of San Francisco for compensation. You have six months from the date of the incident to file a claim form to reserve your right to sue the city in small claims or in civil court.

Steps for Property Returned:

  1. Find your incident report number- If you were given a citation, the incident number appears in on the citation usually hand written near the bottom. If you were not given a citation or can't find the incident number see below for a list of incident report numbers based on the location and time of the arrest.
  2. Get a property release from the General Work Division of the SFPD (850 Bryant St. Room 411- (415)553-1141). You will usually need to bring some identification and proof of ownership to have the item returned.
  3. Bring your release form and your identification to the SFPD property room (850 Bryant St. Basement level- (415)553-1377.
  4. If you are told that there is an "Evidence Hold" on your property we recommend that you consult with a lawyer to have the hold lifted.
  5. Get your stuff and go to the next action- we still have a war and occupation to fight!

Arrestees Meetings

There will be two meetings for all arrestees from March 15th and March 19th. This will be a chance for you to talk to lawyers and organize your legal defence.
  • Monday, March 24th
    7:00pm - 9:00pm
    AK Press - 674 23rd St #A, Oakland, CA (Map)
  • Sunday, March 30th
    2:00pm - 4:00pm
    St. Martin de Porres - 225 Potrero Ave. SF, CA (Map)
Bring your citation. More info coming soon.